Long time, no write

I have been steadily working away, but haven’t updated here.  OMG – I’m sure no one would read this boring blog!!  But, who knows, this could become more interesting in the future, so will slog on.

I have gotten an app on my phone “Good Habits”, which is helping me develop some of those habits I want to start.  I have these listed:

-1 hour piano practice daily

-30 minutes (current) paperwork

-Course in Miracles – I’m starting this again after listening to my friend Eric Coppolino’s “Miracle Hour”, and I’m really enjoying it.

-1 minute task – For this, I do a task that is something I normally wouldn’t do or even think about, that should last about 1 minute.  I aim to do one in the morning and one in the evening – eventually.

-To be able to accomplish all this stuff, I need to get my morning chores done in a timely manner, so I’ve added getting those done by 10.  This “should” be generous, but I find it isn’t always.  This means I need to go to bed early enough to get up early enough to get this done.  As part of that, I’ve started setting a reminder to go to bed at 10:30.

As of this minute, I’m on an 18 day streak of getting my chores done by 10, an 11 day streak of doing Course in Miracles, 6 day streak of doing paperwork, and a 3 day streak of doing the 1 minute task.  I am on a -2 day nonstreak of piano practice.  Oops.

Will our heroine overcome the piano non-streak?  Will she keep her other streaks going?  Stay tuned, and find out!!





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Update 1/17/16

This was a very busy week, and I’ve been struggling to adjust.  It probably wasn’t as busy as some weeks I had while I was working full time, but I have a new schedule now, and missed my “stare into space” time.

Nonetheless, I have kept up with my habits that have been pretty well established now.  They are:

Make bed

Sweep kitchen

Exercise (7 minute workout)

Unload dishwasher if I ran it the night before

Change clothes and put away

Feed dogs

Dishes washed/in dishwasher.

My habits that are not so well established didn’t fare so well this week.

Laundry – I did do about 3 loads start to finish.  Doing more dog laundry would be a good thing, but at least my clothes were in order

Paperwork – I did probably 2-3 sessions of paperwork.  I had some important things that needed attending to, I didn’t really get to all of them.

Piano practice – ZERO.  I am really itching to get at it.

I am not sure how to approach doing better at this.  I have tried to reduce distraction time – primarily Facebook, but also my new addiction to Goodreads, especially entering the giveaways on their site.

I’ll look for insights into that as this week continues!!



Back to work after the holidays, though technically, I was also working during the holidays, at least a couple of days a week.  It has seemed more hectic this week, though.  Not sure why.

I have kept up with my most established habits, which are:

Make Bed

Sweep kitchen

Exercise (7 minute workout)

Put away dishes if I ran the dishwasher the night before.

Animal Care (am)

Feed dogs

Change clothes and put away those I wore

Wash dishes (meaning I have dishes in the dishwasher, even if I don’t run it)

I’ve done a couple of loads of laundry, and Tim has done his laundry on a day I didn’t do one.

I’m trying to get more regular with doing the paperwork, and practicing, but that seems to be escaping me.

I also have signed my self up for all sorts of “new year projects”, which could be avoidance at least in part.

Some of my lack of accomplishment is due to spending time on things that need doing because of my efforts to sell the rental units I inherited from “deceased husband.”  I also had to spend an afternoon getting new brakes in my car.

It has been suggested to me that I am doing this because of fear, due to circumstances in my childhood, in which my parents were, shall we say, less than parental.  I am working through some of that in the ways I relate to the tenants in the rental units.  This has resulted in at least one of them taking some advantage of me, and also means I will have to face down some things as I work to get those sold, and the rental arrangements cleaned up.

All of that has led to some freezing, and avoidance, which along with the things that actually take my time to do, are leading to quite a bit of procrastination and inefficiency.

So, today it is time to move past that.  I’ll be back with a report on how this all shakes out today.  I am staying home from my riding lesson to work on this – and because I don’t want to drive through the snow, to then hang out in the cold and snow at the barn.








On this day, I did these things:

Made bed

Swept kitchen

Exercise (7 minute workout)

Animal care

Changed out of work clothes, and put them away

Fed dogs

Washed dishes

I didn’t get my paperwork or piano practice done, nor did I do laundry.  First day back from “holidays” and the big storm, so will give myself a pass on that!



This was a “100%” day!

I did all my tasks!

I did these:

Made my bed

Swept kitchen

Exercise (7 minute workout)

Animal care

1 hour paperwork

1 hour piano (lesson)

Laundry – actually DBF brought his laundry and did a load.

Washed dishes

Fed dogs

Changed clothes and put them away


Woo Hoo!!

1/1/16 Checklist

Well, this is turning out to be a boring blog!

I’m mainly posting for myself, and I have to say it is working!  I am doing better at getting my stuff done, though I still waste a lot of time online.

I’m posting these late, but that’s OK – I still want credit!

On 1/1/16, I did this:

Made bed

Swept kitchen

Exercised (7 minute workout)

Animal care

1 load of laundry

2 hours of piano!

Washed dishes

Fed dogs

I didn’t dress to go out, but I did bathe and change clothes.

Go me!


Daily Checklist 12/31/15

Today I did these things:

Made bed

Swept kitchen

Exercise (7 minute workout)

Animal care

1 load of laundry.  The washer still leaked some, but there was no flood in the garage.  I think the issue yesterday was a combo of the ground being saturated with snow melt, and using the white cycle on the washer.  I used a delicates setting today.

Wash dishes

Fed dogs

Changed and put away work clothes

And, – TADA !!!!

I did an hour of piano practice.  So glad to be back in the saddle there.

Daily Checklist 12/30/15

I did these things:

Made bed

Swept kitchen

Exercise (7 minute workout)

Animal care

1 load of laundry, at which point the washing machine flooded the kitchen.  This has been happening, but also the drain flooded the garage again.  This means I probably can’t get away without doing that lateral line repair that the septic cleanout person warned me I needed.  AARRRGGHHH!!!!

Washed dishes, could have run the dishwasher last night, but forgot

Fed dogs

Changed clothes, brushed sweater and jeans, and put away



See, this is how it happens…

I don’t work on Wednesdays.  I “should” be able to get a lot done on Wednesdays, then, right?  For that matter, I don’t every go to work before noon, and have Fridays off as well.

So, why can’t I seem to make progress on certain projects?

Well, maybe I have a clue.

Today, I didn’t really get up until 8.  I hadn’t gotten in to bed until midnight, so, that is not terrible.  But, what did I do until midnight?  dawdle around, etc.

Today, after getting up a little later than I like, I did do some of my tasks.  I swept the kitchen, made the bed, exercised, made breakfast.

Then, it happens.  I have been dawdling in front of the computer, and it is now 10:45.  I have an appointment at noon.  That means I will only have time to do animal care before having to get ready to leave the house.  And, I may not have time to do it all.

So, to get to the paperwork, and piano practice, I will have to do those after the appointment.  And, I need to get on the road reasonably early to avoid traffic on my way to visit DBF.


I do love dawdling on the computer though, and I also listen to my favorite podcast, which I find puts me in a pleasant and thoughtful mood.  I need to figure out some compromise, though, so I don’t waste so much time!!